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New DSLR models from Canon and Nikon


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The Nikon DSLR comparison page has been updated to include 3 new models including: the Nikon D5000, which sports a nifty Vari-angle screen, the D300 which will pop off 8 FPS Raw with the ac adapter and the less expensive D3000.

Canon also introduced a new model sure to get the attention of anyone in the market for a mid range DSLR. The Rebel T1i EOS 500D is just under $650 (body only). Visit our Canon DSLR comparison to see how it stacks up against the others or compare Nikon DSLR models head to head.

Canon Vs Nikon

Canon EOS XS Vs Nikon D40 Canon 50D Vs Nikon 90D
Canon T1i 500D Vs Nikon D300s  

Websites for Artists

Visit and find out why we moved our gallery there ;-)

Tamron Lens for Canon or Nikon

Tamron 18-250mm F/3.5-6.3 AF Di-II LD IF Macro Lens for EOS, With 6-Yr Warranty

Tamron 18-250mm F/3.5-6.3 AF Di-II LD IF Macro Lens for EOS, With 6-Yr Warranty

Experience the great power of a 14X zoom range and enjoy an amazing 2 in 1 zoom. Tamron's new high-power 18-250mm zoom is a photographer's dream come true - a single lens capable of shooting both wide angle and ultra telephoto scenes. Conventional 35mm film cameras always required two lenses to handle the 28-400mm range. But Tamron's new high-power zoom - at 13.9x, the world's most powerful zoom - delivers all the photographic freedom of this enormous range in a single, compact lens. Forget having to switch lenses in the field, you're ready to fire!

Both prices shown are from also known as Beach Camera.

(canon link now $289 recent price drop)

Tamron 18-250mm F/3.5-6.3 AF Di-II LD IF Macro Lens for Nikon $315, With 6-Yr Warranty


Mega Zoom Digital Cameras

We've updated our Mega Zoom Section and WOW Zooms have changed a bit in the last few months, with lenses now reaching 30x optical on the Olympus SP-800UZ. There are a few models with 26x times optical zoom and most are 12 MP. Nothing is listed under 10x optical with 10 MP ;-)


We've updated our Tripod section and found some great deals including a nice quick release ball head, full wide stance tripod for under 50 bucks!

Getting started - What kind of Camera?

Things to consider before buying a digital camera what do you need in a camera?

Mega Zoom digital cameras Many advanced functions with up to 18x optical lenses, but simplified.


A-DATA 4GB Secure Digital High-Capacity
(SDHC) Class 6 Flash Cardof the day



Photo Printing

Today's photo printing can range from on your printer at home or to sending a digital file to an online photo printer who will send the prints right to your door step.
If you'd like to know more about personal photo printing visit our Online Photo Printing page.

Professional and aspiring photographers alike can now archive photos online in galleries designed to sell your work. If you already have some great shots, there are many ways to get them in front of buyers today using Professional Online photo printing solutions. If your interested in trying to sell some of your images be sure to look for the stand alone column. In our test we found that Imagekind has been able to sell our images more often than the other sites, although the gallery links were recently pointed to FAA, which offers private websites in addition to a searchable listing of artwork like image kind. Take a look at these samples landscapes art or nature photos.

Time Lapse Photography

We combed through some time lapse images to create this time lapse and f stop demonstrations You will find the settings we used for the image and can easily use those as a starting point to see what results you get. We also have a basic "How To" set up here Time Lapse Photography.

Image Gallery

We're filling up the gallery Click here to View our Gallery. Within some of the descriptions you will see that we have linked out to our other galleries designed to be a stand alone sales tool for either fine prints or stock image licensing. If you would like to learn more about the fine prints be sure to see our online photo sales information page.

Above all Have fun and keep clickin

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