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There are two major groups likely to make use of online printing and enlargements are home users making prints of parties and other family events and Photographers trying to make a buck or three selling their best shots. If your ready to set up an online gallery designed to sell your work visit our Professional Photo Printing review.If your currently having issues with your printer and would like to know how to get it to print better please visit our online printer maintenance page.

Online picture printing basics

The day of digital camera is here and not all of the images that you take will need to be printed, since you can take images for almost free you may find yourself taking 4 of the same image just to make sure that you get a good one. This gives you a few options, such as having select images printed via your printer, an Online photo printer or by carrying on disk to your local photo printer.

Sending your images to Online printers is become one of the easiest ways to get quality enlargements of your images and also an efficient way for you to get your regular prints for photo albums on photographic grade paper. Before you send your images you'll need to make sure that you've prepared them for size and color. Color is possibly the biggest variable in online printing with some companies providing you a sample image or screen profile so that you can set your monitor to the correct colors, this way your assured that what you see is what you get. Other Online printers use automatic settings based on standard printing methods. When in question the best thing to do would be to order a sample image so that you can make sure what you see is what you get!

We've provided a basic printing check list.
1) Determine the size of the image to be printed (this may change the ratio of height to width needed in your image, requiring significant cropping)
2) Verify that you image has the needed resolution for the size being printed.
(Only and issue when enlarging photos)
3) Crop according to the view you wish to have printed (cropping can change the image completely)
4) Adjust the colors of the image if needed to insure proper printing
(look for our color adjustment page coming soon)
5) Save the image as a copy or under a different name so that you maintain an original copy in case you would like to reedit
(personal preference)
6) Upload the image to your Online Printer
7) Order your prints

Recommended Online photo Printers

Kodak EasyShare Gallery
Kodak has been a leader in digital printing for some time, with many Online printers using Kodak technology in one form or another. Visit here and get your first 20 prints free (great incentive to checking color quality)

please click on the link to the left to learn more

If you would like to check out their selection of digital cameras click here Kodak Digital Cameras

+ Kodak is a name you know, only 1600 x 1200 resolution needed for printing a 16 x 20 inch print, many product options, auto resizing to insure full prints
- some prices slightly higher depending on selection

Snapfish by Hewlett Packard has over 40 million users so they are doing things right and even offer personalization of coffee mugs, mouse pads and more. Prints are around 12 cents each and they also offer the first 20 prints for free!

please click on the link to the left to learn more

+ Lowest priced 16 x 20 enlargement, has plug in for printing directly from "Gallery" based sites
- slightly higher resolution needed for enlargements (1800 x 1440)

Photoworks is quickly becoming a name to know for online processing and we look forward to their listing of more detailed information, but for the time being that are keeping things simple and easy to understand and use Kodak Perfect Touch Processing on silver-halide paper in matte or gloss.

+ Kodak processing, simple interface, "Gallery" has a plug in for direct printing, Many product options (cups, clip boards, photo books and much more)
- request higher resolution for enlargements (200 pixels per inch or ppi relative to the print size being ordered), but they have a simple good or poor listing for ordering based on size selected

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