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We've just added our Mega Zoom digital section with cameras designed to provide most of the functions found in a SRL without breaking the bank..see our Digital SLR Cameras or Mega Zoom Digital Camera section,but if your new to digital cameras you may want to take a look at the important considerations to think of when selecting a camera below.

Digital Camera Buying Guide:

What is your budget? Now you can get a nice 3 MP digital camera for around 50 bucks and that is all most people will ever need, but if you want crystal clear images at 20 x 30 your going to need 6 MP or better.

4 MP Digital Camera ........................100.00+
5 MP Digital Camera.........................150.00+
6 MP Digital SLR...............................200.00+

2/08 Prices continue to drop as the cameras advance Please see our Mega Zoom digital camera page for more details, but point and shoot digital cameras over 6 mega pixels are now found for under $150.00!
What will you be taking pictures of?

Are you taking pictures of the family or of stock for a website

What size photos will you use? Most people will never want more than an 8 x 10 picture, in general a 4 MP camera is very capable of delivering nice 8 x 10s without filling up your hard drive as fast as an 8 or 12 MP camera..

I use a 6.3 MP DSLR and in the first year of shooting I've used well over 100 gigs in disk space and most of these pictures will never be used. By backing up your data you safe guard loosing your images in a hard drive crash
What options do you need? Would you like to have total control of the f stop and ISO, or would you rather point and shoot?

Would you like to capture video? Sound with that Video?

See our Camera reviews for more options
How fast is the first image? Not all cameras are created equal and this is where it counts.

Some cameras can take up to a second or two to capture the image after you've clicked the button if you have a fast target this could be problematic.
What memory will it use? Do you need special memory or just a generic memory card? Previously the pro and semipro digital cameras have used CF cards, however there is a growing shift toward SD memory cards that will make alot of photographers moving to more advanced cameras happy as they trade their point and shoot digital cameras in for more advanced models or different manufactures.

How long will the battery last? Using the screen to set up your photo will chew through the batteries fast, as well as any auto focus, red eye flash or other options. Battery life varies greatly from manufacture to manufacture, even different models within the same manufacture, so pay attention. Go Green and pop for the rechargeable it's a win win...good for the Earth and good for your budget.

How much do you print photos?

Do you need a printer attachment? Will it be less expensive to use online processor, or walk the photos you need into a local store.
Printer docks use ink and paper, which can be much more expensive than using other processors. The issue is speed, how fast do you need the printed picture?

Visit our online photo printers page for more information.

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