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Who is M-Rock camber bag and what can you expect from working with the own Michael Rockwell (he hates mike that should be a clue from the onset as to his inflated ego of self importance) MRock is a small brand of camera bags, trying to survive in today's current retail environment. Mrock camera bags are available online and in retail stores from china (where they are made) to the United States where they can be found heavily discounted online. This page is created to try to contact Michael Rockwell in an effort to receive my final payment, there is little I can do to make him honor our agreement, other that to tell the truth here for everyone.

My involvement with M-rock camera bags began about two years ago and you may have even seen them listed on the site previously, but I approached them June 3rd 2010 to find out why the affiliate program was off-line. It was off-line due to non payment of deposits, due to "My credit card was canceled due to a fraudulent transaction and I was a bit slow entering a new one.~Michael " This was resolved quickly, but or conversations turned to getting better information regarding their bags, to provide here. It was at this point that I met Michael Rockwell. Michael seemed relatively uninformed about some of the information I was requesting and continued to ask questions to the point he received a free consultation on how to properly name his camera bags for use online, and continued to push for more information until I was proposing services as an outsource program manager for his Share a sale affiliate program.

As show below:

Thanks Bruce I agree with this

Michael Rockwell

-----Original Message-----
From: Bruce [mailto:bruce@~~~~~~]
Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2010 1:59 PM
To: Michael Rockwell
Subject: Affiliate Management (new email address)


As requested I am detailing a basic contract for our arrangement to
further your affiliate goals. My role will be that of an Affiliate
Manager, where i will be responsible for all things affiliate in nature
via the ShareASale network. I'd also like to know more about the
PopShops program to, depending on your relationship.

Our agreement is for 6 months, with a 3 month minimum. If at the end of
3 months for whatever reason, either side may terminate the agreement.

Affiliate Manager duties:
Reporting of Monthly statistics
Monthly Plan with previous months review
Data feed maintenance (sharasale & popshops?)
Coupon management
Increase in sales volume
Increase in affiliate participation
Affiliate Outreach
Commission and bonus management for affiliate channel
(paid via shareasale)
Monthly Newsletter
Affiliate email contact management

edited to remove financial info

As stated previously my goals will be to fix the obvious first, reach
out to active affiliate 2nd and 3rd outreach for new opportunites.

I look forward to a long and healthy relationship between Us,

Bruce Loeffler
Hosting made simple

Our agreement no in place I went to work on cleaning up M-rocks product catalog of 36 camera bags and other related items, all the time having trouble communicating with Michael, due to his nature of talking OVER someone, making the conversation very one sided. I continued on to the landing pages, or his site and tried to work within his "I have no budget for change" position, at one point siting an entire section of misrepresented prices that needed to be updated on the site.

My first payment from Michael cam after nearly quitting due to his additional needs (more hoops before payment, missed calls, postponed meetings...), these request were mostly reasonable as such provided, but the tone was set>>>not easy to get payment from. This is of major importance since at his demand payment is not provided until after service have been provided, which I had extended to him as I considered him an honorable business person at this point.

Our second month started with M-rock under cutting all other prices on Amazon, which sparked a price war across eBay, Amazon and other online prices. For the life of me I still can not figure out why a distributor and retailer like M-Rock would under cut not only their affiliate program, but the other retailers actually stocking the m-rock brand. As such the sales crashed in his affiliate network.

In mid July I was trying to address the PPC details of his account, which is very important for any affilaite program, at which point Michael plead ignorance and asked for more information, he additionally took steps to create an in-house campaign to promote the M-Rock brand name. (this issue had already been addressed by the previous out source management company It is obvious he remembers this due to his email:

"I do remember we got by far the best results when it was not protected. My first reaction was to be horrified when I discovered what was going on and I felt like they were leaches. Now I miss the business. Nothing else has seemed to work or motivate the affiliate"

As of 7-27-10 per Michael's request, affiliates were allowed to bid on the brand name and use in an effort to drive more traffic and sales to the retail site and a newsletter was sent to inform affiliate.


If your serious you'll probably have a lot of what is shown here, but we will do our best to provide links to the best quality items to help you get the best out of your shots!

Photosolve Solutions

OpticZoom - $ 234.00
The OpticZoom 5x zoom lens system provides a 37mm filter thread for more attachments and allows you to capture ultra-close-up telephoto shots with your digital camera. (Be sure to check your cameras compatability)

Digimount - $ 100.00
Digimount comes in a range of 22 - 52 mm so you can connect your digital camera to your telescope. If you have a decent equatorial mount or tracking system, a long exposure should prove interesting ;-)

Xtend-a-Slide - $ 65.00
Xtend-a-Slide lets snap your slides into the digital age. Make digital copies of 35mm slides by taking a simple picture. Check and order the adaptor rings needed.

The Wing - $ 49.00
The Wing is a mount on frame that provides your Nikon CoolPix camera with more stability and easier access to tripods.

Xtend-a-View - $ 30.00
The Xtend-a-View Pro comes in just about every size to fit and is like an eyepiece for your LCD screen with a magnification! Designed for outdoors, even in bright light.

Xtend-a-Mount - $ 26.00
Xtend-a-Mount bracket is the velcro alternative, giving you a ridgid mounting surface.

Xtend-a-Lens - $ 24.00
Xtend-a-Lens These are the adaptors that turn your digital camera into a filter using tool. For Canon A, G & S series cameras, Kodak, Nikon and others.

Xyend-a-Sight - $ 21.00
Xtend-a-Sight LED SPotting light mounts to assist you track fast-movine subjects.

Xtend-a-Scope - $ 20.00
Xtend-a-Scope lets you easily attach your digital camera to a telescope or microscope.


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